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Disaster Zone

Disaster Zone Blog by Eric Holdeman
Not an after action review, but future-oriented.
Confidence, yours and theirs.
TikTok is a poster child for this.
The march toward artificial intelligence (AI) continues.
It is not an after action report, it is a map forward for businesses and governments.
Thoughts on the situation we have moving forward.
Finding your technology path going forward.
No bones about it — they are worried.
Drought, rain, snow, more snow, rain, more rain. More drought?
Fill vacancies, hire now!
An organization and mission you have never heard of before this.
Chewing up people and units in fight for Bakhmut.
It is a play that was foretold before it happened.
Not your normal emergency management position.
The pandemic is almost over, but people are still getting sick with COVID.
This is a good example of a public health system taking a regional approach.
Flooding is the most common hazard here in the United States.
Experience and making mistakes brings a bit of wisdom.
One “pipeline” dream that won’t happen.
As always, there are tweaks to the guidance and dollars.
If you are transporting petroleum products, then pipelines are safer.
The Twilight Zone and kabuki theater disaster response.
They are trying to make it more user friendly.
Before, during and after — a very nifty tool from MITRE.
The pandemic created some negative learning experiences.
A news report on what happened in the air and in the water.
Politics are giving the incident legs.
A short video that summarizes their role before, during and after a disaster.