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Best of 2023: The Threats from an Electromagnetic Pulse

This is one of two "Best of 2023" podcasts.

To round out 2023 and start 2024, I'll be sharing two of the most popular episodes of the Disaster Zone podcast out of the 51 produced in 2023. The first one is: Best of 2023: The Threats from an Electromagnetic Pulse.

I think this one was so popular is that many people are unfamiliar with the hazard and how to stay better informed about solar threats.

Here is the podcast description — be sure and note the correction at the end:

Perhaps you have never heard of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and don’t understand what the implications from one being used as a weapon against the United States or other national powers. That is what this podcast does, looking at the full impacts of such a weapon being used in the future. The guest for this podcast is

William R. Forstchen who is a New York Times bestselling author and holds a doctoral degree from Purdue University with a specialization in military history and technology. He is a noted expert historian and public speaker and has been interviewed on FOX News, C-SPAN, and Coast to Coast AM on topics ranging from history to technology and cultural issues, to space technology development, to security threats. And, he has a novel One Second After that is a New York Bestseller that addresses via fiction what might happen following the use of an EMP weapon.

Correction: Since this podcast went live a listener provided this link: Top Transformer Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA. In the podcast as it was recorded, it was mentioned that “there are no transformers manufactured here in the United States.” As evidenced by the link above, there are such manufacturers. The size and capabilities of transformers offered by these U.S.-based manufacturers is unknown.
Eric Holdeman is a contributing writer for Emergency Management magazine and is the former director of the King County, Wash., Office of Emergency Management.