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Regional Wars Were Predicted

This is one prediction that has been proven to be true.

It was a number of years ago that the United States Department of Defense, or a branch of it, produced a study for what we should expect in the coming years when it came to military conflicts. Back then, they predicted that we'd call it "open warfare" and it would be confined more to regional conflicts. That prediction seems to have been spot on as we look at the world situation today.

We have the current Mideast-Israel and Hamas conflict. There is also the Ukraine and Russia two-year all out war, and then more recently we've seen an expansion of the Hamas-Israel conflict bubbling over into Lebanon, Iran, Syria and Yemen. As numerous commentators have shared, those secondary conflicts to Israel are all being fed by Iran, which in recent days has also directly attacked targets in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

There are some similarities to the 1930s when we saw the Hitler regime come into power, re-arming the nation and then taking regional actions and threatening more hostilities with its neighbors. A militaristic Japan did the same in Korea and China. Today, besides Russia and Ukraine, we see China again making war-like statements and provocative actions about reclaiming the island nation of Taiwan as Chinese territory.

Internationally, these are unsettling times. There are tensions on many different fronts around the globe and any one hot spot could flare up.

I expect FEMA to be beefing up its national defense posture in the coming months and years in response to the international situation I've described above. That may bubble down to the state and local levels.