January 2010

The Next Katrina

Will the Major Players in California’s Delta Collaborate to Prevent the 'Next Katrina?’

The potential for a Katrina-type catastrophe exists in the heart of California.


Funding Winners and Losers for 2010

Ports were the biggest loser with a decrease of $100.6 million. Emergency operations centers among the winners for DHS grants.

H1N1 Vaccine Shortages, Overall Preparation Addressed

Dr. Gilberto Chavez, state epidemiologist for the California Department of Public Health and chief of the Center for Infectious Diseases, says California has spent the past five years planning for a pandemic.

Lack of H1N1 Vaccines Causes Localities to Postpone Mass Vaccination Clinics

Old technology is blamed for the slow production of H1N1 vaccines.

MET Seminars Strengthen National Security Through Educational Programs

The Center for Homeland Defense and Security’s Mobile Education Team provides face time for emergency managers.

Military Technology Closes the Communication Gap

Burlington County, N.J., tests military communications technology that provides interoperability among emergency management workers.

Talking All-Hazards Emergency Management with California's Matt Bettenhausen

Bettenhausen discusses California's mutual-aid system and preparing for devastating earthquakes, fires and floods, as well as terror events.


Cultivating Emergency Managers

It's time to begin developing the next generation who will be taking our places.

All Nuclear Terrorism Is Local: Rebuttal

The real question should be: Why haven't communities done anything about surge capacity?


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