July 2012

Colorado High Park Fire

Emergency Managers’ Best Practices for Evacuating Communities

Four emergency managers share what they learned during the heat of the moment and their go-to strategies during an evacuation.


Simulation Software Aggregates Data from Disparate Sources

How one simulation software gives emergency managers an overall view of a situation.

6 Ways to Utilize Social Media Before a Disaster Strikes

Social media provides efficient and effective solutions for pre-disaster engagement.

Community-Based Program Prepares Californians for a Disaster

Ready Neighborhoods improves community engagement and disaster preparedness among residents, business owners and organizations that provide vital community services.

College Students’ Response System Creates a Legacy of Safety

Atlantic Cape Community College students get hands-on education while building a sophisticated emergency response management system.

How Indiana’s Task Forces Aid Emergency Response

Joe Wainscott and Indiana’s District Response Task Forces plan for a catastrophic event.


Who’s Prepared? Not Many (Opinion)

In most cases, amid their chaotic lives, many people have missed the preparedness memo.

The 10 Commandments of Emergency Management (Opinion)

"Thou must establish relationships with others" and nine other commandments for disaster preparedness and response officials.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Underutilized and Untapped (Opinion)

The absence of UAVs highlights a reality in which life-saving technology is limited by regulations.


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