July 2010

climate change/California Department of Water Resources

Emergency Managers Warm to the Idea of Climate Change

Climate change is causing the traditionally response-based emergency management community to look to the future.


California to Track 911 Calls Statewide Through Centralized System

To better manage emergency call stats, state and local governments look to deploy Web-based 911 management system.

Computers Map, Track Earthquakes Using Motion Sensors

Seismic activity network could be key to early warning system during tremors.

Would College Campuses be Safer if Students Could Carry Guns?

When criminals attack on campus, would armed students make the situation better or worse?

Laura Phillips Discusses Managing the Unique Needs of the Bay Area UASI

General manager of the 12-county Bay Area Urban Area Security Initiative on collaboration and preparedness.


Could Oil Spill Debacle be Fatal to NIMS/ICS? (Opinion)

An overtly politicized response could undermine trust in future events.

The Emergency Manager’s Dilemma: Should You Take Your BlackBerry on Vacation?

Since disasters don’t take holidays, should you disconnect during time off?

Maryland County Incorporates Climate Change in its Mitigation Plan

Discussions aim at learning to adapt to climate change’s effects and focus on cost-effective and mutually beneficial solutions for humans and the environment.


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