September 2010

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill/Kris Krug

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Prompts Debate on NIMS, Unified Response

The response has raised questions about the National Incident Management System’s sustainability and the future of public-private partnerships.


Arson: The Overlooked Threat to Homeland Security

More dramatic threats to the homeland exist, but they’re harder to execute than arson.

California Deploys Strategic Plan to Upgrade 911 System

State officials move forward with program to develop next-generation emergency response systems that integrate text, video and picture services.

Online Solution Helps Alleviate the Emergency Room Surge

Maryland’s County Hospital Alert Tracking System provides real-time assessments of emergency room backlogs.

Local Law Enforcement Officials and Firefighters Across the Country Join Forces in the Fight Against Terrorism

Counterterrorism training for first responders has already resulted in mitigating a terrorist act in progress.

Michael Byrne Shares Wisdom From Decades of Emergency Management Experience and his Recent Haiti Experience

Byrne, FEMA National Incident Management Assistant team leader, hit the ground running in his new position.


4 Lessons From the H1N1 Pandemic

Federal and state agencies strongly influenced the response’s priorities, strategies and tactics.

Emergency Managers Without Borders

Emergency managers exercise ‘meta-leadership,’ which links the efforts of different organizations to share guidance and direction.


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