March 31, 2013    /    by

Futurists: In-body computers and higher-stakes for security

What are futurists predicting regarding technology? And for security, what is coming down the road?

March 24, 2013    /    by

Why trashing security awareness training is a bad idea

There has been a lot of discussion over the past few months regarding an article entitled: Why you shouldn't train employees for security awareness. Here's my response.

March 17, 2013    /    by

New NIST Cybersecurity Framework: Your Input Needed

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued a press release recently announcing the development of a new framework to reduce cyber risk. What do they need right now? Your input.

March 9, 2013    /    by

The Top 100 Most Innovative Infrastructure Projects in the World

What are the top infrastructure projects in the world? Why were they chosen? What projects are hot in North America? How is cloud computing changing the way business in conducted?

March 3, 2013    /    by

Three Takeaways from the 2013 RSA Conference in San Francisco

The largest cybersecurity conference in the world was held this past week - RSA in San Francisco. The 2013 show was as big and, in reality, overwhelming as ever. He are a few takeaways.

February 24, 2013    /    by

Seven Actions for Governors on Cybersecurity: A Transcript from the NGA Winter Meeting 2013

Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to speak on a panel at the National Governors Association (NGA) Winter meeting in Washington. Here is a transcript of my opening remarks which offer seven actions for Governors to take on cybersecurity.

February 19, 2013    /    by

Reactions to the Presidents EO on cybersecurity are all over the map

What are bloggers and other commentators saying about the new EO on cybersecurity and PPD-21?

February 10, 2013    /    by

Report: Executive order on cybersecurity coming after State of the Union address

According to Bloomberg, President Obama plans to release an executive order on cybersecurity soon after the State of the Union address.

February 5, 2013    /    by

Social media notifications: Is it time to cut back?

Notifications sent from social media companies. Some people love them others want them to go away.

January 29, 2013    /    by

Global Internet Connection Speeds: America lags far behind leaders

If Internet connection speed was an Olympic event, America wouldn't even get a medal.