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Mobile Phone Firestorm: Carrier IQ Software Causing Privacy Concerns

Privacy concerns are growing regarding the use of Carrier IQ software in many mobile phones.

 Privacy concerns are growing regarding the use of Carrier IQ software in many mobile phones. Numerous sources such as Computerworld are reporting that AT&T and Sprint use the software on handsets. Here's an excerpt:

  "Amid what's snowballing into a major privacy controversy, AT&T, Sprint, HTC and Samsung today confirmed that that their mobile phones integrate a controversial piece of tracking software from a company called Carrier IQ.

Both wireless carriers AT&T and Sprint insisted that the software is being used solely to improve wireless network performance while phone makers HTC and Samsung said they were integrating the software into their handsets only because their carrier customers were asking for it."

 The article goes on to demonstrate a video that shows security researcher Trevor Eckhart's claims that tracking software from Carrier IQ can collect data from a mobile phone without the user's knowledge. asks: What does Carrier IQ do on my phone--and should I care? (FAQ) 

  That excellent coverage of this topic begins:  

    "A 25-year-old systems administrator in Connecticut set off a media firestorm after discovering mysterious software on his Android that appeared to be recording his activities. Software maker Carrier IQ says the software is designed to give carriers usage and other stats so they can improve the network and service. But the researcher argues that the software represents a serious privacy threat because sensitive data is being logged without user permission."

   This hot story is sure to have legs, so stayed tuned for more or begin your Google search now.

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