If Tech Companies Were Countries on a Map ...

A Slovakian artist created a world map displaying the top 500 websites as traditional countries -- and he plans to work on another version that "will encompass all major websites without any significant exceptions."

by / January 31, 2014
Visit the hi-res version of this map to see such places as CD-Rom Peninsula, forgotten websites and much more. Martin Vargic

Over a period of three weeks, Slovakian artist Martin Vargic worked every morning on a vintage-style map displaying 500 of the world's most popular websites.

His inspiration, a map created in 2010 by xkcd that showed the most popular social networks as countries and regions, he told MailOnline.

map of top 500 websitesVargic created most of the map in Photoshop, and used special software to create the map's ornate borders. 

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This map, he told MailOnline, includes one full map of the Internet, four minimaps that showcase NSA surveillance, most used Internet browsers, most used social networks and worldwide Internet penetration. The map, he said, also details a list of the Alexa Top 500 websites, a "quick timeline of the Internet History, top software companies and much more."

Up next for Vargic? He says he's already working on the next versions of the map, "which will be even more ridiculously detailed than the previous one," he told MailOnline, "and will encompass all major websites without any significant exceptions."