to learn and made her experience online a success, especially since she could practice at home.

"Sometimes when youre in class youre uncomfortable because you know youre making mistakes," she said. "If you practice at home, you gain confidence. It really works. And its really easy to use. The key is that you really learn how to pronounce vowels and consonants. Its good for people looking to improve their pronunciation."

As far as problems with the course go, Cortes said there arent any. She recommends it to anyone who is looking to improve his or her pronunciation of the English language.

"Professor Donahue spent a lot of time working with me. I took that class before [without the technology], and I got a really bad grade, but with Professor Donahue it was really enjoyable. He takes time and he made this program that works very well."

Maria Gamez is from Venezuela and had problems deciphering the "m" sound from "n" and "b" from "v," but said Donahues class helped her find those mistakes and correct them.

"We had two different things that I liked," she said. "One of them was that we had exercises on his Web site, and we could practice them. The results of the exercises were automatically sent to him, so he would check if we were studying at home or wherever we practice."

This program is available both to students at Broward Community College, as well as overseas students who are learning English as a second language. The overseas students go through the Sister Cities Organization, a program supported by a $10,000 grant from the Florida Secretary of State Kathleen Harris, Hollywood, Fla., the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, as well as donations from, an education and technology vendor.

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