staff to more easily keep track of large documents such as white papers and position papers.

Benson said she would like to see the insights from Florida Health Counts ultimately form the basis for new legislation for the coming lawmaking session, and the Neighborhood America software could also help her with the language of the bill.

"The hope is that once we start moving into crafting legislation, then we also would post bill language online," she said, adding that the software could then also help organize citizen comment on the potential laws.

All this technology -- both the Health Counts Web site and Neighborhood America's support -- plays a crucial role in addressing a serious public policy issue, Benson said.

"When you have a policy issue as complicated and as important as dealing with the uninsured, you need to build broader consensus with solutions that have broader buy-in," she said. "So a Web site like this allows you to reach across stakeholder groups, across a very large state, to get both buy-in and great ideas."

Paired with analytic software, Benson said, the Web site is allowing her to capture ideas that she otherwise might not have found."

Adam Stone  |  Contributing Writer