be a way to monetize it down the road.

Finally there is the inevitable bureaucracy.

"There is not a single person or agency. There are typically different people, different agencies," Hannon said of municipalities. "So there has to be collaboration among agencies to decide how to participate."

The partnership offers benefits for all, Berman said, but first and foremost, the county's riders have a significant new service available.

"For example, Google offers a map, which our site doesn't. That is a big advantage to using the Google site."

At the same time, the county can enhance those Google maps with data the search site would not otherwise have available.

"Our data is regional," Berman said. "We have partners in the adjacent counties. We also are multimodal; we have information from the ferry system and light rail."

Together, the county and Google can deliver something neither of them could muster on their own.

Adam Stone  |  Contributing Writer