New Products from PortaPocket, enTourage eDGe, Archerfish

Carrying case, tablet netbook, surveillance system.

by / March 31, 2011
PortaPocket PortaPocket

Compact Carrier

Highly practical and economical, the PortaPocket is a petite, washable carrying case that lets users store keycards, cameras, phones and other small necessities on their person. The case is lightweight and discreet, which makes it a good companion for the mobile work force. If you’re a road warrior or constantly in the field, this tool is for you. Price ranges from $8.95 to $24.95.

Dual Duty

The enTourage eDGe is an all-in-one e-reader, tablet netbook, notepad and audio/video player. The device has two touchscreens, but also comes with a stylus, and can be flipped for vertical and horizontal views. For professionals who travel frequently or are in compact spaces, the eDGe folds like a book; its dual screens also make it functional for multitaskers. Said to be the world’s first dualbook, this multifunctional beauty is a 3-pound lightweight that runs on Google’s Android operating system.

Surveillance Sidekick

Archerfish Solo or Archerfish Quattro, a smart surveillance system that analyzes video in real time, brings relief to individuals monitoring surveillance cameras. Archerfish is a compact, cloud-based, customizable surveillance monitoring system that facilitates remote viewing. It winnows through footage that’s of interest to a user and sends video notifications to his cell phone or e-mail.


Karen Stewartson

Karen Stewartson served as the managing editor of Government Technology for many years. She also contributed to Public CIO and Emergency Management magazines.