St. Louis Police Launch Real-Time Crime Center

Aggregating all the data and video feeds police can access is a big task, and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is looking to Motorola Solutions to simplify the issue.

by / April 17, 2015

As of April 16, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (SLMPD) has a new tool to help officers understand crime in their city: the Real-Time Intelligence Client.

The tool, by Motorola Solutions, aggregates streaming video, data analytics, resource tracking, social media, computer-aided dispatch systems and geospatial mapping information to give police a common operating picture for their daily operations. 

The system is said to reduce officer response times, increase citizen engagement and improve agency efficiency. In addition to using the new system, the department will also staff a real-time crime center with analysts 24 hours a day.

"Technology is part of police officers' lives, and Motorola Solutions technology is providing a platform that interfaces with existing systems and provides officers with more information than ever before," SLMPD Chief Sam Dotson said in a press release. “In today's technological world, officers and citizens are demanding it. Ultimately we have a safer community and focused resources because of the technology."

The department’s real-time crime center will include a video wall with eight displays that can be expanded to include 32 total displays, existing video management systems integrated with CAD and other applications like gunshot detection system ShotSpotter.