Hackers Obtain Nearly 30,000 FBI, DHS Employees' Personal Information

In two days, contact information of about 20,000 FBI employees and 9,000 DHS employees was published.

by / February 8, 2016

On Feb. 8, an unknown hacker released contact information of about 20,000 FBI employees -- one day after information for 9,000 DHS employees was published, the Daily News reported.

The data was published via a Twitter account called @DotGovs, which bears the tagline “F*** your government. #ProPalestine.”

Though the data from the two hacks were released from the @DotGovs account, it was made clear that the actual hackers may be different.

The hacker claiming responsibility for the DHS breach contacted Motherboard on Feb. 7, claiming he gained access to contact information for tens of thousands of federal employees by hacking into a Department of Justice email account, and then calling someone in the DOJ's Web department, posing as a new employee who needed help.

The motive for these hacks appears to be political.