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What Is the Most Common Password Used on the Internet?

Plus, artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies may help doctors diagnose and treat patients suffering from glaucoma, and the number of smartphones in the world surpasses the human population.

by / June 2019

What's the World's Most Common Password?

According to a study from the UK’s national Cyber Security Center, more than 23 million people globally use the same, easy-to-guess password: 123456. Second place goes to “123456789,” and runners up include “1111111” and, simply, “password.”
Source: Digital Trends

Can You Hear Me Now?

There are now more cellphones on earth than human beings. That’s according to data from the United Nations, the UN’s International Telecommunication Union and the World Bank, who found that in the middle of the past decade, the number of active cellphone plans surpassed the now more than 7.5 billion people on the planet. Not every single person has their own phone, of course, and many people have more than one. Plus, there are only about 5.28 billion smartphones globally.
Source: Quartz

Seeing into the Future

Traditional tests for how much eyesight a person has lost due to glaucoma are complex and time-intensive, but IBM’s research team has used artificial intelligence and deep learning to evaluate vision levels based on a 3-D scan of an optic nerve. They report that the method is more accurate than conventional tests, and that going forward, AI could predict the outcomes of future vision tests, allowing doctors to better treat glaucoma patients.
Source: Engadget


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