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Elaine Pittman bio pic_EM

Elaine Pittman

Former Managing Editor

Elaine Pittman worked for Emergency Management from 2008 to 2017.

Plus, a new tech tool to help the colorblind see contrast in different colors and an outdoor vacuum aims to clean the air.
The Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard can travel up to 22 mph and is outfitted with two-way communication radios, a live-streaming video camera and lights for use at night.
Plus, a look at passive Wi-Fi, and how to bring off-grid sterilization to those in need.
Candace Faber is working to figure out how to create real space for more innovative thinking about how the city uses technology to solve civic problems.
CIO and Assistant City Manager, Albany, Ore.
Chief Data Officer, New York
Plus, North Carolina State University researchers developed a device that tracks and shares guide dogs' health-related data with their blind owners, and researchers in France have created rechargeable batteries using sodium ions.
CIO, Workforce Development, Iowa
Secretary, Finance and Administration Cabinet, Kentucky