Jessica Mulholland

Former Web Editor/Photographer

Jessica Mulholland served as the Web editor of Government Technology magazine from October 2012 through September 2017.

President Joe Biden banned most travel to the U.S. from India beginning Tuesday as the country struggles to combat the worst surge of coronavirus cases in the world.
Elections officials nationwide came together under the hashtag #TrustedInfo2020 on Thursday to help ensure voters have access to accurate election info, hoping to prevent foreign influence on the democratic process.
Two years after Alphabet subsidiary Sidewalk Labs was named the private-sector partner to revitalize a waterfront community in Toronto, citizens and city officials remain divided about whether to move forward.
After a public firestorm surrounding data use and privacy, CEO Dan Doctoroff says the company is committed to complying with whatever data specifications Waterfront Toronto deems appropriate.
Constructing a nearly 2,000-mile energy park along the border could provide security, energy and water for both countries. And a consortium of engineers and scientists think it's a viable alternative to Trump's wall.
Two city officials also discuss multi-modal transportation systems and the importance of being resilient.
The length of time for change to occur is shrinking, says Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle, who noted that by the time cars are fully automated, flying cars may be part of the equation.
An interactive look at smart city projects across the country as covered by Government Technology.
Customer experience takes center stage in new program honoring governments with the broadest possible definition of what it means to be digital. Utah, Oakland County, Mich., and Denver, Colo., honored.
As the state renews its internet agenda, others continue promoting their individual roles in linking the countryside to the World Wide Web.
Chief Procurement Officer Jeff Haag is looking to leverage more mutually beneficial relationships with regional and local partners, and to more carefully review the contracts the state already has.
The communications giant has proposed a network solution it believes will achieve the mission of FirstNet, as well as maintain the competitive nature of the communications marketplace.
In this Q&A, Harriet Tregoning, former principal deputy assistant secretary of the Office of Community Planning and Development at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, talks about the importance of managing change and that things need to be designed for adaptation.
Whether it's striving to be more like the public sector or creating a staff that's representative of its citizenry, government is working diligently to build and maintain a solid workforce.
The power grid, oil and gas, and even existing telecoms are perfect targets for funding and development of these technologies.
Takai brings unique skills and experience to her new role as CDG’s executive director.
If the program continues its successes, it could change how startups and government work together, leading to an increase in civic innovations. All interested cities must RSVP before Aug. 4 to be eligible to apply.
Enticing millennials into the public sector isn't always easy, but someone's gotta do it.
There are some key aspects of being in a special district; here's a look at what's happening now and what to expect going forward.
City Manager Dave Fitzhugh noted that many qualified applicants responded, making the journey to finding Scheetz “extremely competitive.”
The first-place winners in this year's survey don't deploy technology for technology's sake.
As of July 6, 20 states are refusing to comply, 23 states are partially complying and 8 states are undecided. No state has yet agreed to full compliance.
Private industry is invited to add Internet of Things tech into the city for testing.
We also ran into one of our GovTech 100 companies, AppCityLife.
Thus far, the smart city movement has been focused on core infrastructure like broadband and sensors, but this week, the conversation began to shift to an even more important element — people.
And two more openings are coming soon.