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Patrick Groves

Staff Writer

Patrick Groves was a staff writer for Government Technology from 2019 to 2020.

CIO, Asheville, N.C.
IT Director, Naperville Park District, Ill.
Arkansas officials named Joshua McGee as the new state chief data officer. McGee will retain his current professor position with the University of Arkansas and plans to apply academia data tools to state government.
The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is helping connect software vendor RapidSOS with its 82 counties. The company's no-cost solution can relay a person's location to 911 dispatchers accurately to about 3 feet.
Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has announced Jerry Moore, the director of IT applications, as the state's new chief information officer. Moore replaces CIO Bo Reese, who had served in the role since 2014.
After trying Internet voting for overseas voters, West Virginia is expanding the option to those with physical disabilities. But MIT researchers now say they’ve found worrying flaws in the app the state has been using.
The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has seen significant decreases in wait times for walk-in customers with the use of a lobby management tool that provides near-real-time data that allows staff to adjust to demand.
IT leaders from across California gathered at the 2020 Public Sector CIO Academy to learn how to mitigate the intrinsic risk of innovation. Experts advised identifying small solutions that over time result in big wins.
At the Public Sector CIO Academy, experts from the public and private sectors provided insight into what IT leaders need to think about when considering data collection and sharing aimed at benefiting residents' lives.
North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper announced Tuesday that state CIO Eric Boyette will serve as the next secretary of the Department of Transportation upon the retirement of current Secretary Jim Trogdon at the end of month.
Illinois is quickly approaching a fully functional and modern enterprise resource planning system optimizing financial data and HR processes. As of Jan. 1, the system can accurately track 90 percent of the state budget.
The Louisiana Legislative Auditor's performance report complained about the lack of a comprehensive service catalog and poor project tracking, but the state CIO said the audit didn't capture all that the department does.
Shreveport, La., and Boulder, Colo., are using tools like open source development, flatter organizational structures and performance dashboards to inspire continuous improvements in each city’s use of technology.
Henderson, Nev., renamed and filled its CIO role after a seven-month-long vacancy. Alyssa Rodriguez started as the city's director of IT Tuesday, bringing experience in enterprise applications and smart city efforts.
According to officials, the state is risking disruptions to operations with its legacy human resources system. Gov. Gina Raimondo has asked legislators to approve the funding to modernize the necessary systems.
Newly appointed state CIO Jeffrey Wann will bring both public- and private-sector IT modernization experience to the role. Wann will build on the work of his predecessor Mike Cheles, who retired in December.
Following the lead of other state and local governments, the city is rethinking its website and opting for an open-source solution. The agile process will mean a more user-friendly portal and better access to services.
Chief Information Officer Hugh Miller's last day with the Information and Technology department will be Jan. 10. Officials say they plan to mount a national search for his replacement.
The L.A. County Board of Supervisors has passed a Women in Technology Hiring Initiative that will connect at-risk and disconnected youth ages 14-24 with IT mentors and training to bolster its entry-level IT personnel.
A hacker identifying themselves as an “Iranian hacker” defaced the state’s agricultural agency homepage with an image of Qassem Soleimani, a high-ranking Iranian general killed in a U.S. drone strike last week in Baghdad.
Deborah Snyder retired from civil service at the end of November. She joined the Office of Information Technology Services in 2012 and as CISO she helped redesign how the state protected its data.
Indiana CDO Darshan Shah left civil service for a position at a not-for-profit supporting the life sciences. Management Performance Hub Chief of Staff Josh Martin will serve as the interim state CDO.
The Indiana Office of Technology's Chief Administrative Officer Robert Paglia has assumed the duties of the state CIO until the agency hires a replacement for Dewand Neely, who left civil service at the end of November.
City auditors reviewed Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) projects in 2016 and 2017 costing at least $250,000. The audit, published Thursday, stated that DoIT processes may have raised costs and delayed projects.
The state, like many around it, is moving ahead with an initiative to revamp a 30-year-old legacy system with an off-the-shelf solution. The phased project is set for completion in fall 2021.
The team has just weeks to design a new, user-friendly homepage for the entire state that can be adopted by other departments and agencies. But its larger goal is to help rebuild trust in state government.
Ruth Day, a certified public accountant with a private-sector background, has been tapped to step in for Chief Information Officer Chuck Grindle, who was appointed by then-Gov. Matt Bevin in December 2017.
By tapping human-centered design principles, the i-Team in Durham, N.C., has helped the district attorney remove 51,000 charges for 35,000 individuals, many of whom were facing restricted driving privileges.
Drew Dilly is the newest member of CIO Gordon Knopp's IT leadership team, serving as the state's first chief data officer. Dilly will evaluate legacy systems to find opportunities for resource sharing and consolidation.
Deputy State CIO Heath Beach will step down Dec. 6 to pursue technology consulting in the private sector, after guiding the newly formed Division of State Technologies and how the agency will serve the state.