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Vitaliy Panych, who took over as the state’s chief information security officer in January, discussed broad-level IT and cybersecurity issues and goals, working with security partners and best practices during a recent virtual event.
The forward-looking technology arm of the California Government Operations Agency has a new chief deputy director, a new deputy director of programs and a new senior engineer.
The 35-year-old executive has been acting CISO in the California Department of Technology for two years before his official appointment was announced late Tuesday afternoon.
Wilkening, the governor’s special adviser on innovation and digital services, stepped down last week. He was a driving force behind the new Office of Digital Innovation and the cutting-edge project.
The Office of Digital Innovation was created last summer by Gov. Gavin Newsom. This position oversees the planning and administration of IT as well as other elements of the Government Operations Agency, the job posting says.
The newly signed executive order directs several agencies to “regularly convene private-sector companies in an effort to understand and predict current and future demand for broadband."
Two California agencies are in the proof of concept stage of a procurement for a statewide homeless data integration system. Tackling the homelessness in the state has long been a focus of the Newsom administration.
Udaya Patnaik, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, was selected as the California Office of Digital Innovation’s first director. The appointment was announced May 13 after roughly a year-long search.
Holm, a senior technology adviser to Mayor Eric Garcetti, was selected as the city’s new chief data officer. She also served as deputy chief information officer and assistant general manager of the Information Technology Agency.
Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Thursday that Amy Tong would continue to lead the state’s Department of Technology. Tong, who was initially appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown, has held the leadership position since June 2016.
Taking some cues from the state’s Alpha website project, the new COVID-19 resource webpage offers a "central location for up-to-date and simple guidance" on fighting the fast-moving virus.
The bill under consideration would create a statewide database to give officials a clearer picture of the state’s homeless population, the services they receive — and of those at risk of becoming homeless.
To cut down on the number of non-emergency calls to 911 and boost public awareness, a group of local governments and search engine giant Google have partnered up to create National 311 Day.
The effort to overhaul with a focus on user-centered design reached a major milestone with the completion of its first three-month sprint. The project team discussed their progress during an open house last week.
Technology initiatives begun last year are beginning to yield significant results in areas including wildfire response, accessibility and blockchain, the state chief information officer said at the California Public Sector CIO Academy 2020 in Sacramento.
Gov. Gavin Newsom named Joy Bonaguro and Krista Canellakis as chief data officer and deputy secretary of general services for GovOps, respectively. He also reappointed Julie Lee to the GovOps undersecretary position.
Civic leaders have been talking for years about establishing a procedure for manufacturers to get the city’s permission before beginning operations. Now, a new office might be created to oversee technology deployments.
Larry Ainsworth, formerly the assistant chief information officer for the county, has been elevated to temporarily replace Jennifer Hilber, who retired Aug. 13. He began in the new role Aug. 14.
The city, Cal State Long Beach’s Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and investment company Sunstone Management are partnering to launch an accelerator aimed at bolstering new tech companies.
Cruz has held a variety of leadership positions in state government, but now he is stepping down to work for a county within the state. Praise rolled in Thursday for his time at the California Department of Technology.
The city of San Jose, Calif., the largest part of Silicon Valley, is launching its self-driving vehicle pilot with Mercedes-Benz and Bosch. Next year, it will begin an on-demand transportation pilot program as well.
Gov. Jerry Brown signed California’s “net neutrality” law Sunday, and the U.S. Department of Justice responded almost immediately by filing a lawsuit to block the measure.
Keith Tresh, commander of the California Cybersecurity Integration Center (Cal-CSIC) in the Governor's Office of Emergency Services, is retiring from state service at the end of October.
The $36-million, 30-month contract with Maximus will help the California Department of Technology provide discounted home and cell phones to eligible households.
The Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Department has rolled out a new website showcasing the amenities of its 182 parks.
Marcelo Peredo took the chief cybersecurity position in April.
An earthquake early warning system application has won the city of Los Angeles recognition in the "Dream Big" category from Amazon Web Services' City on a Cloud competition.
Veteran state and local government IT leader Liza Lowery Massey has been named as the Bay Area County's CIO.
The Multiple Interactive Learning Objective simulator is now in every adult institution to help train custodial and noncustodial officers.
The 2018 election security playbook has been released by the county's Registrar of Voters.