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Axon to Integrate Video Evidence Platform With Cellebrite

The body-worn camera maker and the digital evidence management company are integrating their two platforms together, allowing law enforcement and other customers to work with evidence in one place.

by / February 11, 2021

Axon, the biggest body camera maker in the U.S., has partnered with Cellebrite to integrate the two companies’ evidence management platforms.

Axon’s product, which police and other body camera users store and analyze their video on, will be integrated with Cellebrite’s digital evidence management platform in mid-2021, according to a press release. At that time, customers that use both platforms will be able to access the evidence stored in both places at once, rather than hopping back and forth between them.

“By enabling our solutions to work seamlessly together, we empower investigations with one point of evidentiary management, delivering industry-leading tools that agencies can use to securely manage, analyze and review data, and build prosecution-ready single-case files,” said Cellebrite Chief Strategy Office Leeor Ben-Peretz in the statement.

Cellebrite offers a variety of tools for capturing, storing and analyzing digital evidence, including products for bypassing passcodes on cellphones and computers, taking photos at crime scenes, assessing application data and tracking cryptocurrency transactions. Axon gives users a platform to store body-worn camera footage, but also tools for analyzing that footage such as object recognition and redaction.

“This partnership will be a great asset in offering agencies and investigators an array of innovative solutions to gain a comprehensive and objective picture during an investigation to help solve and close cases faster than ever,” said Jeff Kunins, Axon’s chief product officer and executive VP of software, in the statement.

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