Bridge SF Conference Links Up with Startup in Residence

This year's Startup in Residence demonstrations will take place at the Bridge SF conference.

by / April 12, 2018
The first-ever State of GovTech event was held at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco. Noelle Knell/Government Technology

Bridge SF, a three-day summit focused on innovation and technology in government, is joining up with the Startup in Residence (STiR) program this year while shifting the focus of the event.

The summit, which is in its fourth year, will be held at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center and LinkedIn headquarters in San Francisco in late May. The three days are themed “Startup,” “Enterprise” and “City.” Organizers say they are moving away from discussions of how government fails to work with the private sector and toward more conversations about what government and the private sector are actually doing.

Day one will feature demonstrations from companies involved with STiR, a program that has spread from San Francisco to cities across the country where companies embed themselves with local government workers in order to build better tools for them. There will be 20 startups and nine cities featured in those demos.

There will also be an international startups competition that day. Day two will feature several companies as well.

The first two days will involve government throughout, but the third day will be especially focused on local government leaders. That’s when Mark Farrell, mayor of San Francisco, will speak, along with representatives from Los Angeles, San Diego, Detroit, Miami and other cities.

Transportation and mobility will be frequently discussed topics during the three days, but sessions will touch on issues such as blockchain, data-as-a-service and artificial intelligence in government as well.

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