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CEO of Street Data-Gathering Startup RoadBotics Steps Down

Mark DeSantis, an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University, co-founded the company in 2016 with the idea to use smartphone video to assess road repair needs. Now, he's stepping aside.

by / September 6, 2019

Mark DeSantis, a serial entrepreneur and adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University, is stepping down as CEO and board member of the AI road assessment startup RoadBotics.

DeSantis helped launch the company, which applies computer vision algorithms to smartphone videos of roadways, in 2016. Since then, according to a statement, the company has worked with more than 150 cities on four continents. It has also raised more than $11 million in investment capital.

The idea behind the startup's work was to provide a more efficient way for governments to fix roads, a costly spending line where public officials often find themselves with a neverending backlog. By mounting a camera to a car dashboard and collecting video through its camera, the company's programs can generate maps to guide investment in road maintenance.

The leadership shakeup comes amid a push to expand the company's product offerings.

Concurrent with DeSantis' departure, company CTO and co-founder Ben Schmidt will become president and join the board of directors.

According to DeSantis' LinkedIn profile, the move comes as he takes on an adviser role at a startup accelerator in India. He also works as a managing partner at a venture capital fund in the country, and advises at least one other startup there.

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