NetMotion Debuts Tools to Manage Devices Outside the Network

The "Aware" release lets IT workers monitor and manage the network connections of mobile devices used by employees that are outside the firewall — for government, that often means people such as inspectors in the field.

by / February 27, 2019

NetMotion, a software company that makes tools to support mobile workforces, has introduced new functionality to its platform to help IT managers monitor and protect activity on devices regardless of what network they’re connected to.

The additions to NetMotion’s Mobile IQ platform allow IT to set up dynamic filters that can enable encryption or block access to applications and websites based on what network a user is connected to. They also bring in new biometric identification tools like facial recognition, allow for the enforcement of security policies and give insights into what mobile users are doing with their devices.

Governments have been turning to mobile devices for years as tools to help make their employees more productive and flexible. At every level, jurisdictions have used mobile phones and tablets to enable inspectors to perform more work and access more information in the field, to check in voters at polling sites, to assess the damage caused by natural disasters, and even for police officers to record videos and gather evidence.

But those devices are often connected to cellular networks, public Wi-Fi or other networks that don’t have the firewall, security controls or access management that IT departments like to set up inside government buildings.

“NetMotion’s Aware release expands our policy and intelligence capabilities to dynamically and proactively give IT robust visibility over security and compliancy risks and the ability to enforce policies across any network,” said CEO and President Christopher Kenessey in a statement.

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