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New SeamlessDocs Feature Lets Users Set Automated Rules

The new "Triggers" feature gives government workers a tool to automate the kinds of requests and notifications — "needs more information," "review complete," etc. — that crop up over and over again in their daily work.

by / July 27, 2020

Following trends in popular technology, gov tech company SeamlessDocs has added a feature that lets users create automated rule-based processes.

The “Triggers” feature, now available to SeamlessDocs users on two of its pricing plans, is similar in concept to the IFTTT app or Outlook’s “Rules” function. For example, a government employee could specify that once a form is marked as “complete,” it should send an email to the person who submitted the form to let them know.

It can do more. A press release from the company suggested Triggers could be used to let people know when an item has been waiting in limbo for too long, or change permissions on a document given certain circumstances, or send a request to the form submitter for more information.

“Triggers have definitely made my life easier,” said Penny Milton, a residential water efficiency coordinator in Portland, Ore., in the statement. “We use this feature on our Community Garden Hose Nozzle Request form. If a community garden volunteer requests a hose nozzle, we ask them if they’d like additional information on what our program does for Portland. About 50 percent of the community members who request a hose nozzle ask for more information, so we’ve been able to automate the sending of general information on our program. And I only have to send a follow-up email when there’s a specific request or question.”

The whole idea is centered on expediting the kinds of communications many government employees find themselves performing over and over again. It includes the ability to set tags, create assignments and identify the stage that an item is in.

Triggers is open to people on SeamlessDocs’ Collaborate and Transform plans.

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