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New Vaccine Management Solution Aims to Cover Entire Process

It appears government will have its pick of solutions to help manage the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines once they're available. The latest offering is from a subsidiary of tech giant Infosys.

by / December 1, 2020

A COVID-19 vaccine appears imminent, with multiple pharmaceutical companies asking the federal government for emergency authorization — but it will take much coordination to make sure they are distributed efficiently.

So a bevy of tech companies have been building software to help manage the process. The latest is from Simplus, a firm owned by the tech giant Infosys, which the company is billing as “end-to-end.”

That means registering citizens, prioritizing them, mapping out the supply chain, managing the administration of the vaccines, conducting wellness surveys and logging adverse reactions — among other things.

It’s built on the Salesforce platform, which means it’s integrated with other Salesforce products with features such as patient management and dynamic data visualization.

“Infosys’ vaccine management solution combines the power of Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud, MuleSoft and Tableau,” Infosys Public Services CEO Eric Paternoster said in a statement. “We bring a holistic solution that can meet the demands of rigorous and expansive vaccine management programs. We have also architected the solution in modular fashion to complement existing systems that may already be in place.”

The solution will also include two “communities,” one for patients and one for providers. The communities will act as central portals where, for example, medical providers could apply to become vaccine providers or a patient could schedule an appointment to receive one.

When the vaccines will become available, and to whom, isn’t entirely clear yet, but experts believe they will be available for health-care workers sometime in December. After that they would be rolled out to other high-priority groups before mass distribution around April 2021.

Other companies that have announced vaccine management solutions include Accenture, Qualtrics and Salesforce itself.

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