One Legislation Management Software Maker Invests $1.5M in Another

Propylon is putting down an investment in PrimeGov, but the nature of the transaction is fuzzy.

by / March 30, 2018

Propylon, which provides city council meeting and legislation management solutions, has invested $1.5 million in PrimeGov, a startup playing in the same space.

Propylon offers largely document-focused technology allowing government officials to create agendas and supporting documents, set up Web portals with meeting information and accomplish other tasks related to public meetings. PrimeGov offers some of the same functionality, but emphasizes some things Propylon doesn’t. For example, PrimeGov sells video livestreaming solutions, allows users to timestamp agenda items so users can find where they were discussed in a video and creates solutions for members of the public to sign up to speak.

A press release announcing the investment didn’t make it clear what the nature of the transaction was — notably, whether Propylon was buying an equity stake of any substantial size in PrimeGov — and representatives did not respond to an email request for comment. In the statement, PrimeGov Chief Executive Officer Richard Drew called it a “strategic investment” and noted that it will allow PrimeGov to use Propylon’s technology.

Additionally, Propylon board member Tom Spengler will join PrimeGov’s board as well. Spengler is the co-founder and former CEO of Granicus, another major provider of legislation management solutions.

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