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Public Safety Startup Creates Open API for CAD, RMS and More

Mark43, which also offers evidence management and other solutions for the public safety market, is releasing the API to its customers and a big network of vendor partners to ease communication between applications.

by / February 22, 2021

Mark43, a startup making cloud-based dispatch and records management solutions for public safety officials, has released an open API on the Internet for its products.

The API, built on the REST principles, will allow for easier integration of third-party applications with Mark43’s various offerings. In its nine years, the company has made a point of partnering with many other public safety tech businesses — especially startups, such as Carbyne and Callyo. To date, it’s struck up at least 36 such partnerships, according to a press release.

“Effective public safety requires collaboration and goes beyond what any single company can offer,” said project lead Anne Kochanski in the statement. “We are dedicated to promoting cooperative efforts that will bring much-needed innovation to public safety.”

While the API is open in the sense that it’s built on open standards and available over the Internet, it is restricted to Mark43’s customers and vendor partners.

It also comes with a developer website which contains documentation of the API, example code and contact information. Example code is available in nine programming languages, including Ruby, Python and JavaScript.

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