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Redflex Goes AI With Transportation Tech Acquisition

The company, which offers many traffic enforcement tools, has bought out an Israeli computer vision company, signaling more sophisticated use of cameras, sensors and other roadway technology.

by / December 2, 2020

Redflex, a large global intelligent traffic solutions company, has signaled a move toward emerging technology with the acquisition of an Israeli AI firm.

That’s RoadMetric, whose computer vision work strikes at the heart of much of emerging technology in transportation right now. Computer vision involves algorithms that can take video or other image feeds from cameras and sensors and extract information from them — commonly, identifying objects. That allows for faster, more effective work with large image sets that can enable use cases, which would be difficult or impossible with human reviewers.

Redflex’s offerings include enforcement technology for drivers who run red lights and speed, for example.

“This acquisition will allow us to provide customers with advanced machine vision analytics software and a leading-edge AI platform to address a variety of issues associated with urban mobility, congestion management and road user charging,” said Mark Talbot, group CEO of Redflex Holdings Limited. “We will also be able to complement our market leading solutions with the addition of video detection and data analytics.”

Redflex is headquartered in Australia, but a company spokesperson said that about half its business is in North America. That includes some big customers such as the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

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