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Top States Where Federal Civilian Workers Reside

Most of the federal civilian workforce lives outside Washington, D.C.

by / May 26, 2017
Governing magazine

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget has more than a few people skeptical of its chances of passing.

Still, it’s the federal budget's starting point, and this particular version includes a lot of cuts to federal agencies, such as double-digit percentage drops in funding for the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Labor, for example.

That would mean a lot for government spending, as well as the federal workforce as a whole. And the federal workforce, as it turns out, is located largely outside of the nation’s capital — only 20 percent of them are in Washington, D.C.

To better analyze which parts of the country might be hit hardest by massive cuts to federal funding, Governing magazine* crunched the numbers. Above are the top states for federal civilian workers.


*Governing is a publication of e.Republic, Government Techology's parent company.


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