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Transit Startup Optibus Adds Route Planning to Platform

The company already offered route optimization, but now it's getting into the actual building and redesigning of routes as well. The idea is to help transit agencies be more flexible in their daily operations.

by / February 25, 2019

Optibus, an Israeli startup that makes software for public transit agencies, has added a set of “intelligent routing” features to its cloud-based platform in the hopes that it will help make local transit networks a bit more flexible.

“The biggest conundrum regarding mass transportation routes is that while rider demand changes daily, weekly and seasonally, routes are kept constant with some systems using the exact same routes for over 30 years”, said Optibus CEO and Co-Founder Amos Haggiag. “Most scheduling and planning tools used today are inflexible and require long, laborious processes to make the simplest route changes. Our overarching goal is to modernize mass transportation solutions so that agencies and operators can better serve passengers by adapting routes to match demand.”

Optibus Route Planning offers users map and satellite views of the streets they want to examine, as well as street-level views to show what a driver might see on the route. The company has also built in a validation tool to check for errors, and integrates with the already-launched Timetables, Scheduling and Rosters features.

The Optibus platform already included a route optimization tool aimed at helping agencies run their existing routes more efficiently. The company raised a $40 million Series B investment round at the end of 2018, following a $12 million Series A in 2017.

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