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West Virginia Taps OpenGov to Streamline Financial Reporting

State government in West Virginia is responsible for reviewing many aspects of local government finance. Now the state is using OpenGov to improve the way those governments report their data.

by / August 7, 2019
West Virginia Capitol (David Kidd)

West Virginia has chosen OpenGov to help local governments report financial data to the state.

The State Auditor’s Office in West Virginia is responsible for reviewing and approving county and city general operating budgets and property taxes, as well as performing financial audits, according to its website. OpenGov’s software offerings include budget reporting and collaboration tools, as well as tools for publishing such data for citizens.

"Aging technology and manual financial reporting processes have made it difficult to understand, collect, analyze and disseminate financial data between West Virginia cities and the state,” West Virginia State Auditor JB McCuskey said in a press release. “This initiative unites the state and its municipalities with a modern, easy-to-use reporting solution that will empower all involved to better serve our constituents and deliver optimal financial outcomes.”

The state already has an open checkbook tool powered by OpenGov, and pilot-tested the financial reporting project with five cities earlier this year. OpenGov has been signing more such statewide contracts recently, announcing new public-facing Web tools in Idaho and Oklahoma this year.

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