Michigan’s Midland County Upgrades Financial Software

The nearly $400,000 package will replace its outdated system.

by John Kennett, Midland Daily News / December 12, 2017

(TNS) — Midland County, Mich., is purchasing financial software to replace out-of-date software currently in use.

County commissioners recently unanimously approved spending $368,185 with Bellefeuil, Szur and Associations (BS&A) for various software programs, data conversion, implementation and training, and follow-up support.

The commissioners had originally approved $500,000 for the new software. The first bid came in at $429,505, but revisions to the exact specifications changed, lowering the price to $368,185. The annual maintenance and support fee will be $45,450.

To purchase the new software, the county had set aside $200,000. The remaining balance, $168,185, was transferred from the Capital Improvement Fund to Capital Purchases.

Before purchasing software from BS&A, the county evaluated various software packages.

"This recommendation is the result of surveys from many of our employees/stakeholders as well as referrals we received from other local units of government that utilize BS&A," County Finance Director Tori Meyer said.

The county also hired Plante Moran for consulting for enterprise resource planning software system consulting services.

"I think it is very important that we get the right software for this organization," Meyer said at an earlier committee meeting. "I can't test drive it and I can't return it if it's wrong. I've heard of organizations that have bought software, gone through integration and then they can't process payroll. We have one shot to do this and to do it right."

After spending $368,185 for the software and $34,560 in consulting services, the Capital Purchase Fund still has $97,255. Meyer has recommended that those funds go toward the purchase of time-clock software.

The county is still in need of time-clock software, especially for facilities that are continually open. Both Plante Moran and BS&A have recommended that the county purchase time-clock software after the financial software has been installed and is operational.

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