Pennsylvania Launches Transparency Portal Detailing $100 Billion in Expenditures

The Treasury’s Transparency Portal was developed to help residents understand where resources are devoted and hold officials accountable.

by / June 5, 2017

Pennsylvania is in the midst of a budget crisis. With a projected deficit of $700 million by the end of 2017, the state is looking for innovative ways of reducing costs while continuing to provide services to residents. Part of the duty lies in efficiently rationing where resources are headed, and the State Treasury launched an expenditure data portal.

“I believe in opening the books and letting you see exactly how nearly $90 billion in commonwealth money is being spent,” said State Treasurer Joe Torsella. “We’ve done just that by launching Treasury’s Transparency Portal.”

The portal, unveiled June 5, will provide residents with an easy way to look into state government spending and understand where resources are being allocated. Three years' worth of expenditure data are available to look at and compare.

"The commonwealth is facing serious budget shortfalls," said Torsella in a statement. "Pennsylvanians need to hold their government accountable, and the Transparency Portal will serve as a vital tool in keeping them informed about how and where their hard-earned money is being spent."

The site was built with mobile users in mind, and features an optimized visualization for graphs, charts and information. Torsella is hopeful that the portal will provide a layer of accountability that may hinder future frivolous spending.


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