California Updates Transparency Portal

The California Comptroller released the 2015 self-reported salary and wage data, which accounted for over 666,000 employees and $34 billion.

State Controller Betty Yee updated California's public pay transparency portal on Tuesday to include the 2015 self-reported salary and wage data for state government, county courts and California universities.

The 2015 data represents about 666,000 positions and $34 billion in salaries and wages, according to a press release from the Controller’s Office. That includes approximately 250,000 positions across 149 state departments; 280,000 positions in 11 UC institutions; 118,000 positions at 24 CSU institutions; and nearly 20,000 positions throughout California’s 55 superior courts.

Users can search for information on the reported data via maps and by region, see lists of top earners, refine their results by employer or job title, create charts and graphics, and export data or build custom reports on the website.

According to the website, which can be found at
, the State Controller's Office “created the Government Compensation in California website to enhance government transparency and provide a single statewide database that is accessible by anyone at any time.” The state controller at the time, John Chiang, first launched the site in 2010.  It now contains information on more than 2 million jobs in California.

California annually requires a report of compensation data from cities, counties and special districts, as well as a report from the state and CSU on salary data, to the office of the controller. However the superior courts and UC system have no such requirement; their report is voluntary. A list of groups that did not file is listed at In 2015, of the required entities, two county employers and 18 city employers failed to file.

Special district compensation data for 2015 will be added later this month, according to the press release. Data for community college district salaries, First 5 Commissions, fairs and expositions will be added in September.

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