If States Were Companies, Which Would Make the Fortune 100?

And which companies are they closest to?

by / March 20, 2017
Texas' budget is about equivalent to the Web giant Amazon's revenues in fiscal year 2016. Lauren Harrison/Government Technology

If California's state government were a business, it would be about as big as Exxon Mobile. And Georgia would be about the same size as a company headquartered in Atlanta: Coca-Cola.

When speaking about state budgets, billion-dollar pools of money can become something of an abstract concept. It's easy to forget what a billion dollars really means.

So the Center for Digital Government — part of e.Republic, Government Technology's parent company — used its own data alongside data from the Fortune 100 list to put together some comparisons. Here are all the states whose budgets would put them on the Fortune 100 list if they were companies, along with the businesses whose revenue totals they are closest to.

And here is a map of all the states whose budgets would put them in the Fortune 100 if they were businesses: