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Cloudflare Outage Disrupts Dozens of Websites, Apps

The outage Sunday morning caused a service disruption for dozens of websites and apps, including Hulu, Discord, Medium and Patreon. The cause of the outage was traced to Internet service provider CenturyLink.

by David Matthews, New York Daily News / August 31, 2020
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(TNS) — Dozens of websites and apps were taken offline Sunday morning when Internet infrastructure service Cloudflare suffered an outage.

Hulu, the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Discord, Medium and Patreon were among the affected services that went down in the United States and Europe.

“Cloudflare is aware of network related issues caused by a third-party transit provider incident,” the company said on Twitter. “We are working to mitigate the problem.”

The outage followed a shorter one on Saturday.

“Today we saw a widespread Internet outage online that impacted multiple providers,” Cloudflare CTO John Graham-Cumming told CNN. “Cloudflare’s automated systems detected the problem and routed around them, but the extent of the problem required manual intervention as well.”

The cause of the outage was traced to Internet service provider CenturyLink.

“We are able to confirm that all services impacted by today’s IP outage have been restored.” CenturyLink wrote on Twitter. “We understand how important these services are to our customers, and we sincerely apologize for the impact this outage caused.”

CloudFlare’s services are designed to prevent websites from being overwhelmed with traffic from unexpected sources.

The company said Sunday afternoon at the issues that caused the outages had been resolved.

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