Indiana App Upgraded to Aid Job Seekers

The Indiana Office of Technology has released an upgraded version of the state’s mobile application to make it easier for job seekers to browse open positions.

by / August 19, 2014

If you’re on the hunt for a state job in Indiana, the newest version of’s iOS app may be a good place to start looking.

The Indiana Office of Technology updated the state’s mobile application to include a job search function. People seeking a career with the state can now use the app to look for jobs on their iPhones or iPads. An Android version of the app is currently under development.

The app was created to supplement the state’s website, according to a press release. The app was originally launched on May 1, with its primary function being to provide access to all state iOS mobile applications in one location.

The upgraded app now allows users to:

  • Search through all jobs;
  • Sort by job posting expiration date;
  • Sort for jobs within a particular agency; and
  • Set up keyword alerts for any state job or within a particular agency.

Other features of the app include the ability to map locations of state parks and state office buildings, live chat, state agency searches and access to the news and events of nearly 70 Indiana state agencies.

-- Brian Heaton

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