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Maine to Restructure Its IT Office Under Newly Approved Plan

State commissioners, who sit on the governor's cabinet and lead executive-level agencies, have approved CIO Fred Brittain's proposal to reorganize IT operations under the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

by / August 8, 2019
Maine State Capitol Shutterstock/Sean Pavone

Maine’s executive branch commissioners have approved CIO Fred Brittain’s plan to restructure the Office of Information Technology (OIT) into the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO).

The intent of the shift is to align technology to best serve agencies in a transparent way that also creates opportunities for them to participate in IT decision-making, according to Brittain’s proposal to commissioners, who serve on the governor’s cabinet and lead their respective agencies.

“I’m excited to work with state agencies in the coming weeks to put definition around an inclusive leadership model and instead of working against shadow IT, finding a way to embrace a hybrid model to ensure technology is bringing maximum value to the citizens of Maine,” Brittain told Government Technology.

Brittain, who took the CIO position in April, recommended in his proposal that OIT be split into four distinct areas coordinated by the OCIO: Enterprise Shared Services, Project Management Office, Information Security Office, and Client & Infrastructure Services. The OCIO and the four new departments will continue to fall under the purview of the Department of Administrative and Financial Services, which is a cabinet-level agency.

“This restructuring is designed to accomplish four specific goals: providing an area within information technology that has a deep understanding of the varying missions and work of state agencies; setting the stage for an IT management model that allows for inclusion of IT expertise from the agencies in decision-making; enhancing the visibility and reach of information security; and the creation of a project management office,” Brittain said.

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Patrick Groves Staff Writer

Patrick Groves was a staff writer for Government Technology from 2019 to 2020.

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