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The Club of 50: Data on State Chief Information Officers

Who are the people leading technology in state government? What career paths do they come from? How long do they stay in position? We gathered data for 206 state CIO terms going back to 1994 to find out.

by / June 3, 2019
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No, not governors — we're talking about state chief information officers, who have vast influence over gov tech in the U.S. They also find themselves in the somewhat unique position of being treated like political appointees, despite their work being (mostly) nonpolitical in nature.

To learn more about who these people are, the work they do and their backgrounds, Government Technology put together a list of as many state CIOs as we could find information for: what amounted to 206 state CIO terms in all 50 states going all the way back to 1994 (with more complete records for some states than others).

In the coming days, we will release the findings one slide at a time. Check back here for more data. 

To start off, here's a list of the most common names among state CIOs:

  • James/Jim: 14
  • David/Dave: 10
  • John/Jack: 8
  • William/Bill: 8
  • Michael/Mike: 7
  • Richard/Rich: 7

Editorial assistant Moriah Chace helped compile the information in this report.

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Ben Miller Associate Editor of GT Data and Business

Ben Miller is the associate editor of data and business for Government Technology. His reporting experience includes breaking news, business, community features and technical subjects. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno, and lives in Sacramento, Calif.

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