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What America's Governors Are Saying About Tech (Infographic)

Now that all 50 governors — including a robust crop of new faces — have made "State of the State" speeches, Government Technology takes the opportunity to break down how many touched on various technology topics.

by / April 15, 2019
Gov. Laura Kelly delivers her inaugural speech in front of the steps of the Kansas State Capitol Jan. 14, 2019. Shutterstock/mark reinstein

Words matter, and when it comes to State of the State addresses, words translate to policy priorities.

Now that all 50 governors — including 20 just beginning their first terms — have delivered their annual speech, Government Technology has combed through them for mentions of technology. Most governors made some mention of technology, but the use of specific terms, the mentioning of specific policies or the acknowledgment of work being done at state technology departments was not as common.

Here is our count of how many governors used selected terms in their State of the State speeches:

For a map and state-by-state breakdown of the speeches, including star ratings, go here.

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