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Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District Modernizes Its Phone System

The new technology replaces outdated physical desk phones to support hybrid work.


The Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (Midpen) — which manages more than 65,000 acres of public land in the San Francisco Bay Area — implemented a modernized phone system so staff can have the flexibility they need with a hybrid work schedule.


When the pandemic hit, Midpen staff suddenly found themselves working from home, unable to use their desk phones. While they were able to forward calls, they were unable to place calls from their Midpen phone numbers unless they were in the office. To make matters worse, staff had to rely on their personal cellphones for constant business communication. This solution made it impossible to distinguish personal calls from work calls.

After staff returned to the office, Midpen implemented a permanent hybrid work schedule. It was clear staff needed an alternative to the outdated physical desk phones, so Midpen adopted a modern phone system. Staff can now make and receive calls via their computer or personal cell phone in a secure, efficient manner.

Switching to a modern phone system has enabled employees to stay even more connected with the public as they transition to hybrid work. They don’t have to worry about missing a call due to their physical location. The solution allows for seamless telecommuting, desk sharing and hoteling.

The system offers functions that weren’t possible with physical desk phones, such as switching calls from a user’s computer to their smartphone. Staff can also forward calls to a new number, voicemail or group of numbers and communicate with one another before passing a phone call.

The solution has eased concerns by ensuring the phone system is current and secure, which couldn’t be done with the legacy system. In addition, voicemails are received within the tool’s application, reducing vishing risks. Spam filtering also notifies staff of potential spam calls, allowing them to save time and keep their lines open to important messages.


Besides modernizing phone system, Midpen leaders also purchased physical phones for use in reception areas, conference rooms and other shared spaces. This step helped fully replace the old phone system by enabling communication between rooms and during conference calls. Agencies must ensure all employees have access to the tools and training they need, but a hybrid model requires that shared spaces are covered, too.