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Connecting in times of crisis

Future Forward Virtual Summit: Remote Workforce Edition


Special districts are developing an array of best practices as they implement remote work and roll out new virtual services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A panel of special district leaders and other experts offered their insights and experiences during our second Special Districts Virtual Summit on May 7.

AT&T / June 18, 2020

Future Forward Summit Speakers


More than 200 special district officials joined the live virtual event to hear our panelists cover a range of important topics related to the coronavirus response.

Special districts that adapted best to COVID-19:

  • Leveraged web and mobile apps to reduce the load on public sector contact centers and telephone agents
  • Used collaboration platforms and video conferencing to keep remote employees and teams connected
  • Moved toward mobile devices and virtual desktop technologies to improve workforce resiliency
  • Explored video platforms to virtualize public meetings, recreational programs and other formerly in-person events
  • Increased user training to support staff adoption of new tools for remote work
  • Increased communication with employees and citizens to explain remote work practices and digital service offerings
  • Reassessed cybersecurity tools and strategies to reduce risks associated with remote work

Click here to access the slides presented during the summit.

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