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Connecting in times of crisis

Future Forward Virtual Summit: Responding in a Crisis


Government agencies across the country have been impacted by the global spread of COVID-19, challenging the infrastructure, workforce, and services managed by the government. In response, on March 26th AT&T and Government Technology hosted our first virtual summit of the year to have a conversation around crisis response during this uncertain time.

AT&T / June 18, 2020

Future Forward Summit Speakers


  • Offer training and support to your employees, many of whom have never worked remotely in the past.
  • Communicate with employees and citizens consistently, and ensure information is vetted and coming from a single source.
  • Contact your vendors to ensure they can offer products and solutions to meet your demands.
  • Practice good cyber hygiene to reduce risk by segmenting your network, using multi-factor authentication and hardening your environment.
  • Take advantage of FirstNet to help prioritize critical communications in an emergency.
  • To prepare for the next disruption, future-proof your infrastructure by moving to the cloud and an IP-based network that would allow you to scale and add advanced features.

To join us at our next Virtual Summit, visit our event page to register!

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