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FAQ: Contacts

Quickly initiate conversations and launch effective marketing campaigns with quality-controlled, decision-maker contacts.

Which decision-makers do you collect information on and in which jurisdictions? (Other than just the cited bid contact.)

Outside of our thousands of procurement contacts, Navigator has decision-maker contacts for top jurisdictions in the United States (based on total population/enrollment or total budget) including:
  • All 50 state governments
  • Top 10 agencies/departments by budget for all state governments
  • Top 100 cities (Top 500 cities for CIOs and mayors)
  • Top 100 counties (Top 500 counties for CIOs and county executives)
  • Top 100 special districts (Top 500 for CIOs and Top Administrators)
  • All university systems 4 Top 100 public universities
  • Top 100 community colleges
  • Top 100 public school districts (Top 200 for CIOs and Superintendents)
  • Top 25 private universities (Contact data for top private universities provided when available.)

How do you collect the contacts?

All Navigator contacts are curated and updated in-house by a team of 40 procurement specialists and government analysts. We do not outsource any contact collection — we go directly to the source. 

How often are your contacts updated?

All Navigator contacts are refreshed every 6-months for accuracy. Decision-maker contacts are gathered and updated internally by our in-house development team through a variety of sources.

What type of contacts do you collect?

Navigator has over 38 role types you can choose from — primarily IT buyers and decision-maker roles — such as Information Technology, Elected Officials, Top Administrators, Finance/Purchasing, Education, Criminal Justice/Public Safety

Do contact downloads include address, email, and phone number?

Yes, the Navigator team makes every effort to include name, title, agency, jurisdiction, physical mailing address, phone number and email. Our contact downloads are formatted for a CRM upload and include many of the fields found within any CRM contact article.

For questions about your Navigator membership or to set up a training, please contact: / 916-932-1313