FAQ: Procurement Opportunities

Position your company for success with an up-to-date procurement data.

How many jurisdictions do you collect procurement for?

Navigator gathers procurement and market intelligence for nearly 150,000 jurisdictions and agencies across all levels of U.S. state, local government, K-12, and higher education.


What is the timeline for a bid to show up in your site after it’s been posted?

Our standard is no more than 24-48 hours.


At what levels of government do you track contracts?

We track roughly 20,000 statewide IT term contracts and update them every 3 months. This includes vendor, expiration date, resellers and renewals. We do not track existing contracts at the local level, as those are picked up as solicitations in our Opportunities section. We don’t track local contracts after they are in place, just when they are initially solicited. 


What is your threshold for procurement coverage?

Our bid coverage captures anything within the following thresholds:


  • 50 state governments
  • Cities with populations over 18,000
  • Counties with populations over 43,000
  • Special districts with budgets greater than $33 million

  • Public universities, private universities and community colleges with enrollment over 2,500
  • K-12 school districts with student enrollment greater than 5,000

What is a developing opportunity?

Access to developing opportunities is just one example of Navigator’s proprietary market intelligence and is offered at the professional-level subscription and above. Developing opportunities give vendors a competitive edge to influence a deal, well in advance of the typical average window of only 21 days to respond to traditional RFPs. Navigator’s team of dedicated in-house researchers spend hours combing through adopted budgets, capital improvement plans, grants, etc. to bring this strategic intel to you prior to the RFP. These are more qualified than Pre-RFP’s given they have a budget allocated as well as a timeline.




For questions about your Navigator membership or to set up a training, please contact: memberservices@erepublic.com / 916-932-1313 


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