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Nissan Imagines a World of Free Energy

The automaker threw some ideas against the wall in expectation of the automobile's central role in future society.

by / March 29, 2016

A video released by Nissan Europe earlier this month walks viewers through what a typical day might look like once electric vehicles and renewable energy have proliferated daily life.

Nissan’s vision of the future depicts an end to fossil fuels; batteries charged by wind, sun and sea; fuel stations and car parks replaced by green stations; and smart streets wirelessly charging autonomous vehicles that cede their parking spaces to other vehicles that need charging.

Nissan imagines their cars as the new central platform for energy, much as the smartphone is the center of communication and connectivity today. Homes will run off recycled Leaf batteries and connections to cars parked on the street outside, and people will drive zero-emissions vehicles into their places of business and use them to power appliances. Energy will become so abundant, the video explains, that energy will be freely exchanged through an interconnected network of devices, homes, businesses and vehicles.

“What if the fuel station of the future wasn’t a fuel station at all?” the video’s narrator poses dramatically. “We believe the fuel station of the future is your home, your street, your city, your car.”


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