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Florida is seeing many new apps that pledge to make it easier to pay highway tolls, but transportation officials say sticking with the pre-existing SunPass and E-PASS is still the best way to pay.
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The nation’s third largest transit provider is considering several approaches to reducing congestion and single-occupancy trips, while giving residents and visitors more transportation options.
At General Motors Co.'s newly renovated electric vehicle plant, President Joe Biden took a victory lap on passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill and pitched the importance of further spending on EV adoption.
U.S. Congress members who represent Pennsylvania are split on Biden's infrastructure bill — some are enthusiastic about what it can do for the country, while others argue the legislation wastes too much money.
Furthering efforts to make Illinois an eco-friendly leader in battling climate change, Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed into law a package of incentives he said will boost the production of electric vehicles in the state.
A new report by StreetLight Data shows the shifting trends in biking travel across major metro areas. In some cities, biking activity has surged about 50 percent, while others have seen declines for one reason or another.
Bethlehem, N.Y., spent about $300,000 on four trucks with automated hoses that look like robotic arms, but the town has saved money with the vehicles due to extra waste storage space and less required manpower.
Following in the footsteps of states like Florida and Nevada, North Carolina now allows "neighborhood occupantless vehicles" to deliver goods to homes. Legislators wanted to get ahead of a growing industry.
Software from Gridics is giving city planners access to 3D environments to help residents develop homes, analyze proposed zoning changes and development plans, and understand the potential effects of climate change.
With the passage of the federal infrastructure bill, transportation leaders in Illinois are gaining hope that the high-speed rail project that would connect Chicago to St. Louis can gain momentum.
Kansas, which has strong standing in the aeronautics industry, could help lead the future of aviation by developing air taxis and other forms of advanced air mobility that may end "transportation deserts."
Electric vehicle maker Rivian Automotive Inc., a partner of Ford Motor Co., made its stock market debut Wednesday in what was expected to be one of the largest-ever initial public offerings.
Rivian, the startup electric truck manufacturer, announced a whopping $12 billion raised in a recent funding round. One potential roadblock for Rivian is a very steep price tag for its lowest-priced truck: $73,000.
According to officials, New Mexico's infrastructure has been chronically underfunded and insufficient. The state could receive as much as $3.7 billion from the federal infrastructure package.
Top officials at the U.S. Department of Transportation are beginning to lay out a vision for how the recent passage of a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package will unfold and begin funding projects across the nation.
Alaska has major plans to upgrade its highways and bridges, ferry system, high-speed Internet infrastructure and more using funding from the recently approved federal infrastructure package.