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Peachtree Corners, Ga., is testing new technology that allows vehicles to communicate with their surroundings in the hopes of ultimately bettering public safety and traffic flow through the enhancements.
In recent months, global auto manufacturers have released plans to electrify their vehicle fleets by 2030 or 2035, setting up a race to see who can most quickly shift entirely away from producing vehicles powered by gasoline.
U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg addressed the opening session of the Forth Roadmap Conference this week, stressing the need to transform the transportation sector as a central effort to combat climate change.
By slowing down drivers 2 miles per hour in strategic areas during high-risk times of day, the startup and its government partners found they could reduce highway crashes in Southern Nevada.
Relay, an autonomous shuttle program launched in Fairfax County, Va., in October 2020, is offering officials a better understanding of how driverless shuttles navigate live traffic and how to improve work zone safety.
A report released this week by the California Energy Commission found that charging infrastructure isn't being built fast enough in the state to meet its lofty transportation and climate change goals.
New research from the Union of Concerned Scientists found that as electric utilities phase out fossil fuels like coal, the electric cars they recharge far outpace gas-powered cars when considering overall greenhouse gas emissions.
The newly approved legislation would require any business that seeks to operate an on-demand electric scooter program within city limits to first enter into an Electric Scooter Use agreement.
Last August, Iowa's power grid was devastated by a line of tremendous storms. Experts say the time is now for the state to prepare for another weather catastrophe — and for potential cyber attacks.
Expect to see more low-speed, autonomous shuttle projects developing into full-scale integrated transit services. The Jacksonville Transportation Authority in Florida plans to launch the first phase of AV shuttles into its transit mix by 2023.
The state program aimed at encouraging drivers to buy electric vehicles with $5,000 rebates expired in December, falling short of its intended goal. Now, some are wondering if the program will come back.
Through a partnership with Waze, NJ Transit is working to alert drivers as they approach railroad crossings. Since 1975, 187 people have been killed at railroad crossings in the state, according to federal data.
A partnership among industry, the National Science Foundation and US Ignite has formed the OpenAirX-Labs to grow the development and testing of open source 5G software to increase innovation in wireless technology.
Although researchers have consistently found that electric vehicles emit less carbon than traditional automobiles, the state of the overall electric grid may determine whether the environment will be cleaner.
By combining a city’s digital twin, a model of how it might be affected by factors like climate, with GIS, municipal leaders can make decisions based not only on physical factors, but the way people will be impacted.