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Hawaii Offers Unemployment Assistance Via Phone, Video

The Department of Labor and Industrial Relations is now offering an unemployment insurance assistance line through phone and video in an effort to help those still struggling with their unemployment claims.

by Nina Wu, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser / April 2, 2021
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(TNS) — The state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations announced Wednesday a new pilot program offering unemployment insurance claimants one-on-one appointments with staff via videoconference or phone.

The online appointment system will be active by Monday via labor. The website, according to DLIR, with the first appointments available on April 20. DLIR said appointments will be available every Tuesday and Thursday, but did not offer specific hours. The pilot program will start on Oahu first, and then expand to neighbor islands.
Meanwhile, DLIR says it does not anticipate any lag in benefits for most claimants under updates resulting from the American Rescue Plan Act. Regular unemployment insurance claims normally expire after 52 weeks, DLIR said, but with the federal extensions, most claimants will have their claim automatically extended and receive benefits under the Pandemic Unemployment Emergency Compensation program.
"It is our top priority right now to ensure claimants experience a seamless transition as the federal unemployment benefit programs are extended through the first week of September, " said DLIR Director Anne Perreira-Eustaquio in the release. "In anticipation that the final version of the legislation extending the CARES Act programs would be absent major changes, we proactively started programming the changes that are saving thousands the financial hardship and lag in payments we saw earlier this year due to a delay in federal action."
DLIR has also hired a vendor, Solid State Operations, to investigate overpayments, with 25 investigators scheduled to start next Tuesday.
To date DLIR said approximately $5.3 billion in pandemic benefits have been distributed in Hawaii.
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